Shoprite/Checkers – Driver Competition

Monday, 19 October 2015

• Shoprite employ +- 800 drivers
• For objectivity, an outside service provider – Ikaheng : Division of Imperial, manages and administrate the competition  



• Selection criteria for drivers at branch level:

-Truck Telematics ratings        

         • Over speeding
         • Harsh braking
         • Over revving
         • Green band driving

- Fuel consumption
- Accidents
- Absenteeism

• Competition on the day consists of:
       - Theoretical test on relevant driver duties and disciplines
       - Road driving test
       - Yard truck manoeuvring test
• Entertainment on the day is very much aimed at the driver, his family and children
• Branch winners compete at national level to determine overall winner
• National competition for 2015 was held in Cape Town.
• National winner for 2015 – Daniël Maqungo from the Western Cape Division