Move, Pack and Maintain Stock in a Distribution Centre/Warehouse

Unit Standard Title

Move, Pack and Maintain Stock in a Distribution Centre/Warehouse

Unit Standard ID


NQF Level

Level 2




3 Days

Learner Ratio

Max. 10 learners per group

Entry Level

It is assumed that the learner has competent in:

  • Communication at ABET NQF level 4, or equivalent
  • Mathematical Literacy at ABET NQF Level 4, or equivalent
Purpose of Unit Standard

This unit standard is for people who are responsible for moving, packing and maintaining stock in a DC/Warehouse and maintaining safety and housekeeping standards

Course Outcomes
  • Identify appropriate areas for packing stock.
  • Move stock to and pack stock in identified location.
  • Prevent shrinkage and losses while moving, packing and maintaining stock.
  • Maintain stock in the DC.
Embedded Knowledge
  • Common terms and concepts used when moving, packing, labelling and maintaining stock in the DC.
  • The layout of the DC and the requirements that impact on the layout.
  • Stock characteristics and how they impact on the moving, packing and maintaining of the stock.
  • Techniques and safety procedures for lifting, stacking and transporting stock.
  • Health and Safety Procedures relevant to packing stock.
  • The terms shrinkage & losses.
  • The effect of shrinkage and losses on profits and employees.
  • Causes and preventative methods for shrinkage and losses as applicable to the process of moving, packing and maintaining stocks.
  • The supply chain and the roles of the various players in the supply chain.
  • The difference between and relationship between pick and reserve areas.
  • How stock rotation impacts on moving, packing and maintaining stocks.
  • Stock flow through the organisation.
  • Identifying misdirected/unmarked stocks and how to deal with them.
  • Organisational requirements in respect of replenishing pick areas.
  • Organisational requirements in respect of clearing holding areas.
  • Organisational requirements in respect of moving/storing empty pallets.
  • A pre-visit would be recommended so that specific SOP's/processes can be obtained and observed.
  • Certificate of competence is issued
  • All learners to hand in certified ID's
Costing per Course
  • Speak to your Sales Representative


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